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    Vols Linebacker arrested with guns and drugs(Kivon Bennett)

    Probably the place he got the illegal drugs
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    Would you root for Florida to destroy us?

    I will pull for TN to upset but I did take FL giving 16.5 because of my confidence leave
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    The vicious cycle of the hot seat

    One of the gaming sites has a 5 dollar bet wins 1250 if TN beats FLA. That says everything we need to know about our state of affairs
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    Poll: Replace Pruitt or Major Staff Changes?

    ONLY get rid of Pruitt is if Freeze was locked and loaded. Chaney has not forgotten how to coach. He is asked to run a machine with no motor. As far as the defense goes you can send them all to the house, in my opinion. Believe me I'm not taking up for JP but I do remember when everyone said...
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    Pruitt’s Contract and Buyout details

    I'm sick of people saying PF loves TN I'm sure he does but he makes BAD decisions. Also if I was worth 15 million dollars and it all came from the manure farm I would love them to. UT has made his mouth, belly and billfold awful big
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    Pruitt’s Contract and Buyout details

    Assistant if fired before Dec 1 are about another 7 million but if they are hired at other schools we only pay the difference. Jones deal will end in Feb which has been costing TN 2.4 million a yr. If they work out a 48 month pay off with JP it would only be around 250,000 a month Not a big...
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    Why is the Vandy game off?

    "Talk Mississippi" keeps saying Ole MS needs to play A & M on the 12th.
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    Where we stand right now.

    Freeze is the only one that could generate the 30 million in buy outs that we would owe if the staff is fired today.. Freeze or nobody.
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    Dear Jeremy

    8 and 4 With single digit losses to a couple of upper teams and maybe even sneak a win in a big game
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    I want Hugh Freeze (merged)

    Don't forget we still have Phil. He has a big say and has screwed the university over for years and people still kiss his rear.
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    Bailey vs JG

    This S*** show started 20 years ago with Fulmer making bad hires ( Cut and JC carried him for years) People blame everyone that's been thru the program for the down fall but we need to wake up and look at the only constant in that time. Phil. Stop blaming all the other organs in the body...
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    Fire Pruitt

    I've never heard anyone mention that early signing day is 6 days after the season is over. Its either now or never to fire him. With Phil it will be never
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    Third down efficiency - Ugggggg

    0 fear of JG running the ball. If JG had 5-8 running plays, other than qb sneaks, it would open up a hold new playbook.
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    *****Pick the Score Contest: Arkansas

    TENN 23 Ark 19 Tiebreaker 132
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    Will there be a coaching change if we go 4-6 or worse?

    Fire a coach who 90 minutes of football ago was going to win the East. Who 90 minutes ago was taking TN to the promise land. These are the same people who wanted to start HB in game 1 only 5 practices {due to his health and C19) out of high school. Saban was 19 and 16 his first 3 years at Mich...

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