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    '21 JUCO RB Tiyon Evans (Tennessee Commit)

    He has a perfect opportunity with Chandler graduating and Jordan gone. I like his game and I believe we'll have solid rotation of Gray, Evans, and Brown. Maybe even Hodge if he is as advertised.
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    Jake Fromm 2.0

    Fromm was underrated as a game manager and played so calm as a true true Freshman. We talk $h## but he was better every year against us.
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    Saturday Scrimmage Notes

    Frerk, man.
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    Another day at the office for UT Commit, Cody Brown

    I'm glad we finally picked up a big back like him. Only thing is he doesn't have top end speed but we have other guys for that :)
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    '21 JUCO OT Jordan Moko

    We've had too many players with great to elite size be terrible.
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    ESPN the lost Network

    You can make that claim because they're not true Marxist but rather totalitarian. They are indeed not fascists
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    ESPN the lost Network

    He wore pig socks? Okay, doesn't matter. You're reaching a bit on the "he knew he was out so he made a distraction." The guy used his platform perfectly because here we are years later discussing it. Owners and fans saying shut up and play...but if I remember correctly, it's those saying they...
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    ESPN the lost Network

    BS. Colin Kap's protest created the right, nationalistic outrage. The right has literally done as much infiltration as the left if not more. It's kind of comedic genius on their part to deny as such when they are holding office.
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    ESPN the lost Network

    What do you think the right does? Did you turn on Fox News during the Obama administration? They get everyone riled up saying the left is going to take their freedoms away. My point is the left and the right are no angels and they have the same goal with different ideas. Get the wealthy richer...
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    ESPN the lost Network

    And what is wrong with Marxists thoughts and ideas?
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    ESPN the lost Network

    Disney ruins everything
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    ESPN the lost Network

    LOL Marxist propaganda Get real
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    JJ not making the 53 squad

    Receivers are dime a dozen. Sucks he didn't make it but there's so much talent out there it's hard to make a 53 man roster. He could've been 54th ya know
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    TN vs Bama 2006

    We should've won in 2009 :/ Edit: damn that was 11 years ago

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