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    Top 10 things I would rather do than listen to Tyler and Will in the morning..........

    1. Read dumb threads ...wait
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    JJ Peterson ?

    He's only a RS FR or SO. Give him a break. He has a while to get it together and contribute down the road. I know we expect immediate success but that's not always realistic.
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    Please Don’t Shoot the Messenger

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    Williams and Bone invited to combine

    Bone tested well but that means he'll probably get taken in the 2nd round. But honestly, I think he's best bet now is to return to school and try to improve draft status. The scouts know who he is now and if he has a great campaign, he'll be one of the top PGs (if not the top) taken.
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    '20 TN SG Matthew Murrell

    So you're saying he should suck so we can get him
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    BREAKING: Grant Williams staying in NBA Draft

    SA would be a good fit for him with Pop
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    Elijah Simmons dunks, then makes 90 ft shot

    Good frame to get even bigger (muscular). Nice to see a big guy with hops
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    Should we be nervous..

    Weird flex but okay
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    Should we be nervous..

    Is it settling when we haven't even produced with what we have? Mizzou has been a disruption in the East, more importantly our Daddies for some time. The answer is we have to a better job of developing and playing with what we have/get. We've been in the top 25 in recruiting for quite sometime...
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    Westbrook Comits to UCONN

    Say what you will but I think it's a weak move on her part. It's like KD or Boogie going to GS (not that she's an all-star like them). Sure, if you're chasing wins but there's no personal legacy, just a dime 'ah dozen there.
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    Kenney Solomon state champ

    Cool, thanks. I remember them talking about that and I unfortunately remember the play.
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    Kenney Solomon state champ

    What is his name?
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    2019 Football Time in Tennessee Cover

    obviously you didn't watch Maurer tear apart the 2nd string defense
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    7’1” 240lb Uros Plavsic will be a Vol (reportedly)

    It'd be cool if he mold in a Jokic type center
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    How difficult would it to bring Bruce back?

    Why even ask this question

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