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    PFF grades Jennings as a 1st round draft pick

    Burrow's football IQ and accuracy are both insanely high. I also loved his answer to an interview question, he said that every receiver is open if the CB isn't looking.
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    Trey comes back and Cade transfers here and we're suddenly competing with the best of the SEC. Bama is more beatable than they have been in a long long time but we need to show that we can beat OU, UF, UGA first. It starts with JG or whomever the QB may be.
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    Off season workout schedule

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    '20 FL WR Malachi Wideman

    I think if we have the chance, we take a talent like this.
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    D’Eriq King enters Transfer Portal. Is he a possible grab for the Vols?

    I mean I wouldn't mind him but we also have a thousand QBs already
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    Tennessee Lands Nebraska WR as a Walk-On

    That's slot material
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    Kasim Hill QB

    I read RS FR but anyways, one can only hope he could progress and challenge JG
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    Kasim Hill QB

    Lol you can't actually believe that
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    Kasim Hill QB

    I think Hill has potential more than some think. He was a 4 star recruit in 2017 and really only played one season as a RS FR. He may be another Chryst but even if he is the backup, he should provide stability and pushing the number #1. If you look at his stats, his completion % was terrible...
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    Doug Matthews says more offensive staff changes expected

    Some could say it was JC focusing on the OL nut nonetheless, better players make it easier.
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    SECs #1 OL group returning, #2 QB group, #1 defensive backfield returning...

    I think we'll be okay at WR and RB. QB is the difference between 6-6 and 10-2 next year. Let's hope the competition and optimism clicks for everyone.
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    '21 FL CB Markevious Brown

    I think Alontae would have to have a huge Jr year for him to declare. I think two more solid years would get him 2-4 round grade. He struggles sometimes but its promising since this is his second full year at DB.
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    Vols looking at grad transfer WR Velus Jones

    Even if he isn't a starter, it's good to have depth and we also need a new KR/PR
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    Pro Football Focus not impressed with our OL play this year

    I saw a lot of improvement pass blocking this year than the past 4 seasons. Run blocking was mediocre. I'd be down to try another OL coach. I honestly think JC was the only reason we turned it around this season.

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