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    '20 TN RB Tee Hodge

    That kid is 30
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    Alcohol sales legislation on Tennessee public institution campuses passes Senate

    So, I'm not sure where you're getting this narcotics section in your head. Unless, you mean prescription drugs (which definitely is a national crisis but not really for UT games). I really hope you're not classifying marijuana as a narcotic. If anything it would make a calmer fan base haha...
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    Showing improvement!!!

    Tech support?
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    Showing improvement!!!

    I know a guy that did technology once
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    Vols Spring Practice No. 4 Updates 3.13

    Is there any info on the proday results?
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    Vols Spring Practice No. 4 Updates 3.13

    I think he might be a troll
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    SEC Tournament Thread

    "We Want LSU"
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    Vols Spring Practice No. 4 Updates 3.13

    Remind me of the bowl games we had the past two seasons or how about winning seasons? That's right. Zero. Nada. Null. You must be one of those that think if we aren't in the SEC Championship by the next year then we haven't been successful. Get real. We aren't the Tennessee from the past...
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    Chiefs Release Eric Berry

    We know that he had health issues, unfortunately but this might not be exactly the reason why they released him. The Chiefs are switching to a 4-3 and are cleaning house. Released(or traded can't remember) Houston and traded their best pass rusher Ford. Also, brought in Tyrann Mathieu
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    Vols Spring Practice No. 4 Updates 3.13

    I actually have the opposite feeling. I believe if we stay healthy especially in areas of depth concerns such as OL and DL, we have a legit shot at making a bowl game.
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    JG helping out Shrout

    Yo, JG looks like he has finally filled out his frame. I have a hunch that he's gonna be good this year when the protection is adequate.
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    Pruitt Press Conference: Spring practice #3

    Honestly, I think the doctor has probably given him a timeline for precaution. I assume that is if the clots return within the time frame then he'll have to call it quits (recommendation).
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    Congrats to Justin Coleman and Ja'Wuan James

    Coleman stepped up his last year but still he didn't have the best tenure here. Lack of development is clearly the case.
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    Vols Spring Practice No. 3 Updates 3.11

    It's like a Golden Corral. Sounds good at first until you're actually sitting down and eating.
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    Kewl Gameday Shirt Find

    Yeah it was right outside but I was just visiting the area. Thanks for all the support guys!

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