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    Tennessee Lady Vol News

    AT ALL! I love that LV Alum are killing it out here!
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    Tennessee Lady Vol News

    I been waiting on this interview since she tweeted about it!! Ayyeee!!! 🖤🖤🖤
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    Tennessee Lady Vol News

    Looks like TN fans have shown up and out. Wow. TBA should be rockin all season long! Let’s mf go!!!!!
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    Justine invited to USA Basketball trial

    Period. 7 points. 2 blocks. 2 rebounds. We love to see it. But who is RAY Burrell?
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    2024 Recruiting Thread

    Kortney would’ve fared better with a better system. I don’t blame her or her skillset.
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    WNBA discussion thread?

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    3x3 results

    The game is super fast paced and the better three point shot you have the better you’ll do. Honestly it’s more a versatile players game. Tess woulda been great alongside Puckett/Key/Wynn because a PG situation isn’t really necessary but two good shooters and a slasher/midrange and a good post...
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    Tennessee Lady Vol News

    Rickea did super well… they had one or two moments of being shady… specifically Andrew whom I now have a distaste for because people pandering in order to gain an audience or to be accepted gets under my skin. I was nervous for her because I’ve heard others slip up and say something that could...
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    Jillian Hollingshead commits to Tennessee

    When Key gets to the league and is able to just be in attack mode without being called for fouls, she’ll be fine. I think it was @stlvolsfan who in the last Twitter spaces(Sundays @ 7:30) who mentioned the rebound she snatched in the Buffalo game that made many of us jump from our feet because...
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    Next yr starting 5

    Only Tess is a rising Junior everyone else will be a sophomore or senior(in some way) and then Justine(Freshie) that’s why I keep reiterating playing time shouldn’t be a big problem if it doesn’t “happen” for players next season because the season after literally spots 1-8 are up for grabs by...
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    New way too early top 25

    In no particular order Tennessee Stanford SC UConn UNC Louisville ND Last spot between Baylor/VT/LSU/Syracuse
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    Next yr starting 5

    Your use of Beyoncé…
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    Transfer Portal 21-22

    Luckily I believe the freshmen who are becoming sophomores(including Jillian), our Freshman Justine as well as Jojo and Jessie already understand their roles and I think what everyone wants is a Natty. After we win, I don’t think there will be an issue with attrition because almost our entire...
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    Transfer Portal 21-22

    Now see this makes even more NIL interestingggggg

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