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    How to tell people your political views have changed?

    I'm with this guy... I used to be republican, but that finger pointing crap put hate in my heart! And I don't need that in my life
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    Tiny houses

    Just looked, and I actually have them in my attachment
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    Tiny houses

    I got some but I can't figure out how to load em up
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    Homeless Man Plays Piano Beautifully

    Love it!
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    Night Owls/Insomniacs thread

    I'm gonna p in all of your guys knife kitchen
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    Tiny houses

    I built a Very nice 10/14 small man cave a couple of years ago.. I've had several family members come stay in it and love it! Now I'm moving it into the great state of Tennessee! I'm gonna live in it until I save money up to buy land, then I'm gonna build a house out of it! It's got a bar, flat...
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    Running Back Duo per Athlon Sports

    Kamara is to tall, and jalen is a washed up transfer from bama.. Haha
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    My 3000thd Post

    I've probably had 3000 posts deleted.. Lol
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    NASA Observes 3-Mile-High 'Pyramid' On Ceres

    Why post something that has jack chit to the name of the name of the thread? I mean, really? This is stupid as hell..
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    Night Owls/Insomniacs thread

    I've broke more **** playing golf than all other things in life combined😡
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    Smart mouth remarks from another fan

    I usually just smile and ask, so, what happened to your teeth?
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    The world needs more people like this

    What a kind jester
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    Butch on WJOX today

    Link doesn't work
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    All right Vol Nation I need your help!

    "The General" in bold orange letters... You're welcome
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    Night Owls/Insomniacs thread

    I'm glad to see there's other mf's out there that have sleeping problems.. I don't wish it on you, just glad I'm not alone.

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