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    Should we be nervous..

    Currently, we are around 30th and 10th in the sec. Please tell me we’re gonna do better than this before this class is done? Seems like to me we’re always “in the top 4-6” but the top guys seem to always pick another school? Are we gonna get it turned around?
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    How the heck is KY..

    Still projected a #1 seed and the VoLs a #2? We split with them, have a better overall and SEC record?
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    Tickets for Vandy game?

    Thinking about heading to Nashville. Tickets on most sites are $100 plus for nosebleeds. What do you think scalpers will be asking? What would be the best way to get 2 for my 15 yr old daughter and I?
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    '19 GA WR Jadon Haselwood (Oklahoma commit)

    Any chance a visit to our new “mobile cabin” might change his mind?
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    '19 GA ATH Owen Pappoe (Auburn signee)

    Atlanta with the mic 🎤 drop! 👀
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    The Official #6 Tennessee vs. Louisiana Game Thread, 7:00 PM ET, SEC Network+

    Meanwhile UK down 5 to SIU in the second half! 🤣
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    What about Direct TV

    What channel is Sec alternate on direct tv?
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    I think Ty Chandler is ...

    Noticed Banks didn’t get the rock today. Put it on the ground, watch from the sideline! I do think Banks will be a stud too if he learns to protect the ball. Chandler for sure is our best option at RB but the others aren’t scrubs either.
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    Just saw Butch..:

    And Dooley on Missouri’s...gotta go puke now!
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    Just saw Butch..:

    On Bama’s sideline. Absolutely, sickening.
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    Roll Call?

    Section I with my 15 yr old daughter. She watches all the games with me. Unfortunately, she thinks Dobbs(I like the guy) was our best ever player. She wasn’t even born the last time we were really good:(

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