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    Source of thrown items?

    I think the allegations are that the Ole Miss fans in Sections GG and HH were throwing stuff after the 4th down spot wasn't overturned. I agree, the field-level Ole Miss fans weren't throwing anything ... as you said, there was no reason to.
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    Source of thrown items?

    As has already been stated, 95% came from the student section. Sure, there was some stuff being thrown from other sections, but it was primarily students. I can't comment on the Ole Miss fans throwing stuff; we were on the opposite side of the stadium. I can comment on the Ole Miss players...
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    Pete Thammel Hit Piece

    What happened last night was wrong. It was embarrassing. But make no mistake what Thamel’s motive is. Three separate times in that article he pivoted back to Schiano Sunday. Three times in an article about UT fans throwing trash he brings up a Twitter revolt against a coaching hire…two things...
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    To those of you not at the game

    A whole lot of people who are commenting on this thread completely missed the OP's point. So television clearly showed he was short of the line to gain? Cool (I haven't seen a replay that convinced me, but that's beside the point). But INSIDE THE STADIUM, which is where all the knuckleheads who...
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    Oct. 14. 1995

    This will be Manning, back to throw. Across the middle. Pass complete. Pulled down at the 35 to the 40, to the 45 to the 50, to the 45 to the 40, to the 35, 30, 25, 20, 15, 10, 5, what did he do? All he did was score! Touchdown, Joey Kent, on Play Number One! Here's Manning, down into the end...
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    Are these real seats in Neyland?

    Real seats, but not visitor's section.
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    It's Official! Stop Your Wooing

    Let the ladies and children do the WOO. Grown men don't WOO.
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    I’m not sure Tennessee has ever had a schedule with so many ranked opponents?

    In 1991 we played ranked teams 5 consecutive weeks. Beat No. 21 UCLA 30-16 on a sweltering hot day in Neyland (maybe the single loudest moment in the stadium's history before the upper bowl was completed in '97 was Tracy Smith's 38-yard pick-six in that game). Then came back with a 26-24 win...
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    Tradition? New things? Fun?

    I think we should bring back the “Stand Up And Howl” chant from the late ‘90s. It was awesome.
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    Tradition? New things? Fun?

    You win. 😂
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    Weather for Ole Miss

    As mentioned earlier, the cold front will be well east of the mountains by Saturday evening, so the rain will be gone well before kickoff (and there won't be too much rain to start with). In fact, it looks like a great afternoon as well as a great evening. There were previously some timing...
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    The most electric game since….?

    I think when you talk about electric games of the past 15-17 years, there are only a few that come to mind. Certainly there were a few that had the potential to be electric, before Tennessee took itself out of the game almost from the opening kick. But, for the most part, from 2005 onward we've...
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    Coaching Carousel in Hindsight, turned into.. something else

    Oh come on. "Horrifically racist"? Was what Gruden said insensitive? Absolutely. Offensive? You bet. Stupid? Without a doubt. But "horrifically racist?" Hyperbole much? Did his stupid, insensitive, offensive comments rise to the level of him losing his job? I don't know. Maybe. But can we...
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    Looks like Checker Neyland is happening [it's official]

    The cold front will be east of the mountains by kickoff, so rain will be well out of the area with plenty of time to spare for Lane's ass-whipping.

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