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    Go Pruitt!

    Well my wife brought my 9 year old to his first Clemson game.... he’s tired of losing 🤨
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    Go Pruitt!

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    Fr Eric Gray is 21 months older than Fr Darnell Wright...

    I see my fair share in baseball. By the time they get to high school either they can play or they can’t. Doesn’t help in USSSA , PG or showcase ball due to age restrictions, not determined by grade. Some daddy’s need their kids to look more dominant and holding them back does just that.
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    Isle of Palms Restaurants......

    This right here................
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    '19 WV OL Darnell Wright (Tennessee signee)

    2 FastBall for only 19.99
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    East Tennessee Weather II

    Whats the situation in Cosby ? I'll be headed that way on Thursday afternoon .
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    Gatlinburg Vacation?

    If your in the park go to the Chimneys and have a picnic......great place for family pic's.
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    See if we can get some Freeze rumors out of this

    Not bad...........for Newport. The location would be perfect for a Strip Club.
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    Is Jordan at 1st team RB a surprise?

    He COULD care less.
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    Prospect Camp

    I was at the prospect camp with my 9th grade son, and had no issues. I was on the first base side the entire time and we could see the majority of stuff that was going on over at the football complex. Maybe Pruitt needs to build a bigger wall. Go Vols
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    Ohio newspaper on Schiano/Vols

    Casual Pint North Shore i believe.
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    *****Vols pick up 4-star '18 SC ATH Bryce Thompson

    I live in Irmo, kinda crazy that we've got one commit and one on the hook for next year. Irmo/Dutch Fork

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