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    The Saturday night atmosphere was unreal [share your experience]

    IMO, the UF “No sir ee” 1998 game and Oklahoma game produced more noise—the UF game the loudest moment; the Oklahoma game the most sustained noise. The Ole Miss game certainly is in the top five. This is based on 45 years of attendance and 36 as a season ticket holder. Loudest game wasn’t at...
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    *****Pick the Score Contest: Alabama

    Tennessee 17 Alabama 39 190
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    Milton & the last play

    I was there…and astonished at the game’s final play. It was as if The QB had ZERO situational awareness.
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    Why do you think Vegas has Ole Miss Favored?

    As several have said, “Vegas” doesn’t ‘favor’ any team in any sport. The point margin is simply a function getting equal amounts of money bet on both teams so that losers “pay” the winners…and the “house” makes 10% on the winners bet. The “line” moves +/- points when too much $$ is being bet on...
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    Don't let Kiffin pull a Ray Mears Sat.

    I was in attendance at the 11-6 UT win over Temple in 1973 at Stokley. Exciting as hell. Sort of like a hockey game in terms of scoring. Every point was HUGE.
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    *****FORUM DARK MODE beta version

    Then ONLY way I read my books on iPad is white print on dark background. So much easier on my tired, old eyes. Thanks.
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    Attendance next week?

    Win against SC and we will see the largest crowd of the year against Ole Miss on 10-16, regardless of start time. 7pm would nice—but could be a nooner. Looks like UK AND UGA will be the 3:30 game on the 16th.
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    Tiyon Evans robbed today

    He was in the end zone, no doubt.
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    Another theft inside the stadium

    Probably a “woo” advocate, too.
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    No thanks Kirk Herbstreit!!

    Herbstreit’s comment is made In ignorance. He does not understand the importance of cultural congruity for schools and their coaches, especially, IMO, in the South.
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    *****Pick the Score Contest: Missouri

    Tennessee 27 Missouri 24 Warren 98
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    Tennessee Modernizing Football Ticket Pricing Model Beginning in 2022

    “…and PLEASE pay no more.” (For accuracy.)
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    Tennessee 2022 Schedule is set

    For your sake I hope it’s a night game. Been to LSU four times. Two day games, two night games. I couldn’t believe I was in the same stadium for all 4 games. They were as different as…day and night. :)
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    What is your level of interest (enthusiasm) for Florida game?

    Incredibly close vote between the first four choices. Surprised at that, a little. This board is ‘all over the board’.
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    *****Pick the Score Contest: Florida

    UT 17 UF 53 TN rushing yardage. 103

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