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    '25 TN OL Chauncey Gooden

    Very humble kid. It was supposed to be a podcast episode interviewing him but it ended up being him hyping up his teammates most of the time. Hoping we can land him, seems like a fun guy that everyone likes
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    '24 TN ATH Boo Carter

    Ah ok. Saw the tag and assumed it was
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    ‘23 FL CB Ja’Keem Jackson

    AP said July 28th on the podcast
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    2024 Target List

    I could've sworn we offered him but I guess not. Must've been us showing interest I guess
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    2024 Target List

    We offered him a little bit ago I'm pretty sure
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    ‘23 AZ WR Ja’Kobi Lane

    It's June
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    ‘23 AL RB Jeremiah Cobb

    They are but Cadillac Williams will survive a coaching change
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    ‘23 FL CB Ja’Keem Jackson

    His teammate, Derrick Leblanc, just got a Crystal Ball to Oklahoma
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    '24 TN LB Edwin Spillman

    He's come up with Nate every time
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    '24 TN LB Mason Curtis (Michigan commit)

    You can take it how you want, but the only reason he camped with us was because of NPA. He's a 2024, it doesn't matter much right now
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    '24 TN LB Mason Curtis (Michigan commit)

    Smith and Telander are 2023. Curtis and Spillman are 2024
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    ‘23 FL OT Francis Mauigoa

    not when Miami has an endless bag
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    '24 GA ATH Khalil “KJ” Bolden

    VQ said he just visited, didn't camp
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    '25 TN OL Chauncey Gooden

    Just got off a zoom call with him, he's training with Riley over at Elite3 now. Tennessee, Vandy, Arky, Jackson State, Cincy standing out but he's nowhere near a decision. Just enjoying the process right now
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    '24 TN ATH Boo Carter

    That QB that threw it is a 3 star QB that transferred to his school from Arizona. Boo will play RB and CB this year. They have 2025 WR AJ Wallace (Has an offer from us) too who will play corner on the other side of the field for defense

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