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    What football Vols have made Sports Illustrated covers?

    Paul Naumoff was on the cover as a Miami Dolphin Don't remember year but I have the issue and could look it and post.
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    My Apology to Lady Vol fans

    How about also following up on your other post from 2 or more weeks ago. You left some people hanging with your cleaning
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    Lady Vol memorabilia

    also would take other stuff and pay postage. thanks
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    Lady Vol memorabilia

    would be interested in ballgames. have many myself and always looking to trade, borrow, and otherwise get copies.
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    Cleaning out my closet

    I can put the cassette on dvd for you for free.
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    Net Neutrality and Sling TV

    Sling TV owned by Dish Network. Owner is on Board of trustees for UT. Sling is making lots of money for him. Maybe he has an interest in keeping the net flowing.
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    In State Commits

    need to mend fences in Tennessee, especially Nashville area. coaches want to be noticed for the hard work they put in at high school level.
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    Comparing the 2016-17 and 2017-18 LV line-ups

    Davis will be an All Star next year, maybe a small star this year.
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    Who's next or first...

    Mays will be there on the first signing date.
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    Gruden or Kelly

    I would want Patterson and lock him in. Then Frost with an extra large buyout (no Nebraska), then Mullen.
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    Five Years In the Making

    I agree with DOUBLEDFAN. I would rather read than just throw something out.
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    I need help with a painting

    I have that print along with many others from Mr. Dumas. Lived in same apartment building with him years ago. Did most of the UT prints before Steve Ford started. thought he was kidding about his name as Alexander Dumas wrote 3 musketeers book not candy bar.
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    '17 PG Tyreke Key: Missed Opportunity?

    I've watched Key in the state tourney the last 2 years. He has many great driving moves that work great in 1a and probably 2a in Tennessee but did not show much of an outside shot. He is great team player and passes maybe when he shouldn't. If you are hot and scoring like he was, he should have...
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    This class gets us over the top

    I agree with poster. You have to have good players who want to play for Tennessee not just for themselves. Chris White, Dale Jones come to mind.
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    Would You Trade Barnes for Smart?

    Besides taking a young group of players and molding them into a team, he has done what was needed and kept us out of the news for bad things going on. I heard no negative blow back when he dismissed a player recently.

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