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Tennessee Vols Football News

September 15, Friday


  • Despite Hurricane Irma and all the mess it made down there, these Vols probably still have the biggest chips on their shoulders. They’re solidly behind Butch, who’s got the nay-sayers calling for his head and, in the same sentence, proclaim this unit is soft and just not very good.The gayduhs, though, seem to be a less cohesive bunch. They can offer excuses such as the hurricane’s chaotic results, to their loss of a couple key player plus a couple who provided a modicum of depth, and only a severe butt beating for real-game experience (That one’s a fact, though). If the Vols show the resolve they displayedversus GT, if they prove they’re much better at playing against “conventional” offenses than that alien creature known as the triple option, and if Hurricane Luck doesn’t blow them out of the swamp, then I think our boys’ll get ‘er done.

  • I’m with you Freak (and the CBS pickers) I have not been impressed with this team. Dormady is not the gunslinger we were hoping for. He looks tentative and misfires as much as Dobbs. The OL is only a little better, and then there’s the Abysmal D. I’m not buying in at all with those that say we’ve been holding back and will open the playbook. We will struggle and hopefully won’t turn the ball over. I agree that UF is not very good, but that hasn’t been a factor in many of our losses to them in the past. UF 24. UT 20.