FreakNotes: Pick Contests; Practice recap; Paul Bain; Injury Updates

Tennessee Vols Football News

September 7, Thursday

  • Happy Thursday, VolNationals. I hope everyone is having a great week, and remember, tomorrow is Friday. Only two more days until Vols’ football.
  • If you haven’t entered the pick contests this week, be sure to post your entries. — Pick the Score Contest for Indiana State | Weekly College Football Pick Contest.
  • If you missed it yesterday, check out the notes from Butch’s press conference, there was lots of good info in there. Don’t miss the updates and several videos from yesterday’s practice. Also, keep watching the Georgia Tech game videos to hold you over until Saturday.
  • It turns out we have a famous Paul Finebaum Show caller in the forums. I love when folks share stuff like this.
  • If, like me, you’re a fan of the Legend of Paul Bain you’ll want to check out this video from Local8Now. It’s a cool look into his story. — Forum discussion: Paul Bain, some insight into the man
  • It’s imperative moving forward that the Vols get more guys into that defensive line rotation. Butch said yesterday that Darrell Taylor ran over 5000 yards during the game, according to the GPS, and Jonathan Kongbo said he played more than 90 snaps on Monday. Kahlil McKenzie played 85 snaps.
  • This is a cool close-up photo of the back of Tennessee’s football helmet.
  • Tennessee lineman Brett Kendrick said freshman Trey Smith is a once-in-a-lifetime player. “We’re very proud of him,” fifth-year senior offensive lineman Brett Kendrick said. “I said this a couple weeks ago, but you don’t really see many people like Trey Smith. A freshman, he just turned 18 a couple of months ago, and he comes in and does what he did, especially on the second play of the game, when he pulled out there. I know everybody’s probably seen that. “He’s a once-in-a-lifetime player, and I know we’re really excited to have him.”
  • This photo story, detailing moments from before Monday’s game all the way through the victory celebration, is fantastic.
  • How can you not love Colton Jumper? From Wes Rucker: #Vols LB Colton Jumper on how many snaps he played against Georgia Tech: I’m not sure. How many plays did they run? It’s that number.
  • Tennessee cornerback Baylen Buchanan is out this week with an ankle injury. Evan Berry, Josh Smith, Shy Tuttle and Kendal Vickers are questionable.



    • Glad you enjoy them livefaith and thanks for the comments. I’m hopeful more folks who read them will comment. I’d love to see some good discussions take place here.

      • Nice to see Trey Smith’s team mates are so supportive. As the OL matures and we add players of similar skill level like Cade Mays and others, we can have a tremendous offense!

        • It seems like we always have such high expectations for these five-star players, expecting them to contribute immediately. It’s awesome that Trey had such a tremendous debut. I’m hopeful some of his nastiness will rub off on the rest of our line.

          Thanks for the comment imadoc.

          • What do you think is highest on the priority list for next years signing class? I am assuming the verbal commits sign.

          • Great question, and one I haven’t put much thought into, honestly. Do you mean how do we fill the remaining spots? With 23 commits, assuming they all stick, there isn’t much room left.

            I think Tennessee would like more offensive lineman in this class, although Mays is certainly the cream of the crop. Maybe another linebacker besides Flint, but he may be the only one we take.

            What do you think?