Dillon Bates out for the year, Jones says

Butch Jones shared a bit of bad news about true freshman Dillon Bates in his opening statement of today’s press conference.

Good afternoon, a couple news items, or one news item then have a recap of the Georgia game and onto Florida, Jones said. “Officially, Dillon Bates, last night we got final word through the MRI and the doctors, he has torn his labrum. So he has a labrum tear, so he will undergo surgery and he will miss the rest of the season. We will apply for a redshirt which should go through. Then we will have him back for spring football. “

In that statement, Butch seemed confident that Bates would be eligible for a redshirt.

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One response to “Dillon Bates out for the year, Jones says”

  1. I’m not sure what all is required for medical red shirt,hopefully somebody will post it

    I hate it for young Mister Bates,hopefully the surgery goes well and he will be ready for spring practice