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Sep 14, 2016
Hi all

Apologies, I realize this is not the correct place for this but I’m not sure exactly where to post this so that the right people see it.

I help coach my sons 6th grade tackle team. Traditionally the oline is just taught to block the guy in front of them. Which turned into exactly what I thought it would this Saturday, a disaster. We were not able to pick up any blitz’s and suffered.

Beyond copious amounts of sled work, I want to teach the boys a scheme, like Gap ON Down, Gap On Backer etc. or maybe another way if it makes more sense.

I’ve been researching but really need someone to just give me a run down beyond what I’ve been able to find on the net. Anyone have any experience here?
Yeah I def want to shorten the splits by about half. We do not run up the middle too often. The coach does not use a sniffer or TE that much so unfortunately I’m going to have to overthink it a little.
Film review, even if it’s from a cell phone video can be helpful. Walkthroughs against different fronts and blitzes is where I would start. I was always taught if you had any doubt at all on who to block, then block the inside man.

Kudos to you for wanting to teach some young linemen new techniques and schemes. Seems like they’re often forgotten about.
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Just for clarification, are they missing the blitzer or can they not block the blitzer?
If it’s the first, I found out you only need to get the center or one guard to understand what needs to happen and have him call out the assignment presnap. Even if it’s wrong, the other linemen at least will confidently block somebody. At that age unfortunately nobody gets blocked in some of those situations.
If it’s they can’t physically block a blitzer, have them grab the front of the blitzer jersey and pull them down. The kid usually doesn’t actually get the hold but it’s getting them in front of the player and causes a redirect which is hopefully all your offense needs
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