Williams To LSU



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Feb 22, 2015
Based on my recruiting notes …, we had offers to 18 different recruits for 2023 ! Considering we will lose several players after this year ! We will still have 9 players in 2023 without any changes . Does not include Darby sister (walk on). My list includes 18 players with offers verses 6 scholarships available….. Everyone knows we will not sign all 18 players . Look at who decided to go elsewhere!

#1 Williams to LSU … she lives in Louisiana! DUH

#6 Shade to Uconn…. She did visit twice but ?

#20 Dew to Arizona… She lives in Nevada (close) to Arizona!

#25 Cody to Alabama…. Lives in Georgia? She did visit!

#35 Samuels to Uconn…. From Maryland

#39 S.Williams to Louisville. From Ohio. We did make her top 10

#64 Risch to Notre Dame . From Florida d niid visit

This is ONLY SIX recruits that we had made offers to but went elsewhere! Most of these players went to schools close in proximity and all are highly rated programs . We still have 9—10 recruits in the top rankings with some have visited and most have offers ! With 6 scholarships available for 2023 ….. I think we take three at the most ? JUST MY OPINION

I WILL POST RECRUITS we are still after in a few days if we don’t get an update?
We also offered UCONN verbal KK Arnold. And went hard after UCONN verbal Ashlynn Shade, which you noted.


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