Who Has Experience With Creating Apps and Software?


Willy P

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Sep 12, 2012
Hey Folks,

So I'm in the fledgling stage of a product/service idea, and would like to start researching ways to run this service via an IOS/Android App as well as software to run the user interface (think self-service kiosk). There are several other areas I need to start researching as well, but the software is the most uncomfortable topic for me.

As I'm looking at app builders and software builders, I'm getting lost in the options available. Has anyone here been in this situation? Without learning to code and doing everything myself, how can I start the creative process for the mobile app and linked kiosk software? I'm concerned about ultimately keeping ownership of the rights and making sure it can scale appropriately without some third party holding me over a barrel.

Could a freelancer service like fiverr be a good resource for this type of work?

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