What Other Message Boards Are Saying: Elite 8 Edition



VP of Drunken Relations
Jan 7, 2011
While trying to pass the time between Easter stuff and the game, thought I would check out some chatter on the Purdue boards and share here. First, every board I found was just horrible, thanks again Freak for giving us VN! They were honestly pretty tame though. More talk about the Illinois loss than their game with us today. Most who posted felt fairly confident, some concern about how the refs would call the game. They are concerned we will be allowed to be physical. No trash talk or anything at all really, but here are a few snippets from what I found to pass the time.

This will be an extremely tough task to say the least. Hopefully the atmosphere is like a home game and the Vols have 25 turnovers in the first half alone :)

Past me would say TN has our number for some payback, but this Purdue team is so dialed in right now and Detroit has been a good location for us

If we can shoot well, score over 80 points, I like our chances.

Basketball fans deserve Uconn vs Purdue.

I am worried about the refs. I don't see them calling 30 fouls on the Vols like last time, no matter how much they beat up our guys.
Score for the last Tennessee game was 71-67.

Both teams shot bad, Purdue was 19-54 (35%), Fletcher TOOK 18 shots, finished with 27. Team went 4-15 from 3 (26.7%) and still won with 16 turnovers.

Tennessee shot 19-57, took 30 threes (wow), making 8.

I'm getting nervous, not a bad nervous, just nervous. I want to know if my heart gets ripped out and I became the captain of the Flying Dutchman or if Purdue is making history.

Well, here goes. The Vols are a good team. They have to be tired of losing to Purdue and will be out for revenge. I think Purdue wins. But if not, it has been a good year. Win or lose, another Big Ten title, back to back NPOY awards. Edey with the new all time school scoring record.

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