What’s your favorite TV Series 2000-2023

Yeah, I'm going outside the stated years but....

Star Trek TOS
Andy Griffith
1. Longmire
2. Rectify
3. Firefly
4. The Last Kingdom
5. Outlander

1. Ted Lasso
2. The Ranch
3. Cobra Kai

Limited Series:
1. Godless
2. Haunting of Bly Manor
3. 1883
That used to something I'd look forward to each weekend. I think after the hoopla the first time when they took it off the air,I just quit watching completely.

As far as shows for me....

1.) The Shield (Haven't seen much like it since)
2.)Band of Brothers (I guess this counts... They did so much better with this than Saving private Ryan. Hearing the actual soilders accounts was emotional stuff)

3.)Burn Notice(loved this when it came out,and watched it every week.)

4.) Entourage (Didn't think that I would like it at first,but a great show)

5.) Yellowstone

Ah that takes me back to college….watching The Shield and playing halo with my roommates. Great series!
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Well, I understand that one of my nicknames is "Oddward" but here are some other nominees ...

Bad Sisters
Still Game
I'm enjoying the series"Lincoln Lawyer" on Netflix. I always wondered why it had the same vibe and feel to "Bosch" (a definite show that should be in this list) and realized the shows are based on Books by Micheal Connelly. The former a pretty good law series,and the latter a great detective series. Lance Reddick played a wonderful role as the police chief (RIP)
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