Weekend Rotation?



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Jan 15, 2008
Kind of up in the air right now other than Nick Hernandez. If I'm Raleigh, I throw....

Nick Hernandez on Fridays
Stephen McCray on Saturdays
Tyrelle Harris on Sundays

Tyrelle is too good to be just a long relief guy. I think these 3 give us our best chance to win. Can't believe how much Morgado has struggled. He was supposed to be one of the best in the SEC this year.

What do you think Raleigh does with the rotation?
I figured harris to be a weekend starter before the season began. The biggest concern raleigh has with the starters is if they can pitch atleast 5 full innings every start.

I have a different theory for pitching. The bullpen usually blows the lead right. So why not start someone out of the bull pen, let them pitch 1 inning. Then bring in another bullpen pitcher for the second inning. Then bring in the starter to pitch 6 inning followed by the closer.

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