We need one yard for a game winning TD what Vol RB gets the carry ?

I already saw Jennings drag multiple Mizzou defenders before. If I need only 1 yard I'm giving it to one of the biggest dawgs we ever had, someone that I know will fight tooth and nail for every inch.
That would categorize many greats that we’ve been fortunate enough to have over the years.

Many great choices and only a few not so great.
Speaking of Amsler....has anyone seen Greg Amsler the poster?
He post under a different name now. I think it’s Nighthawk but I may be wrong. I remember when Amsler was a freshman or Sophmore we were inside the 20 and they lined Poles at Fullback and Amsler as tailback and we just crushed it in the end zone in 3-4 runs. GBO
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