Vols Vs. Tide last week...



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Nov 1, 2003
Went to the game last week, and was impressed with the huge number of Vol fans. With the exception of a few who had had a few too many drinks (so had some Bama fans), I was also impressed with the Vols fans classy behavior.

After such a tremendous game, I believe all the fans were exhausted, and no matter the winner, there was going to be no "rubbing it in" to the loser. As a huge crowd was making its way down the spiral walkway from U4, a couple of UT fans, pretty young (early 20's), tried to start a traditional "It's great to be a Tennessee Vol..." chant, something common to most schools after a victory..i.e.,it's great...to be... from Al-a-bama, etc.
Anyway, a couple of Vol fans that were behind and to the left of us let the younger Vol fans know, in no uncertain terms, that they are not going to allow that.
That one incident put Vols fans in general in very high regard to me.
I thought it was a very classy act.
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First off Welcome to VolNation Tide81. I am always excited to get members who are fans from other schools and their input. I think it adds a lot to the board. So we are glad you are here.

I think with any school there are good fans and bad fans. I have always had a good experience when I have traveled to Bama for the games. Unfortunately, we have a couple of Bama fans on talk radio here that are hard to take sometimes. I have always respected the history of this rivalry and I hate that some of the off the field issues have dominated some of the Tenneessee/Bama discussions.

As for the game this year, I think both teams should be proud the way they played. This game will be remembered for a long time.

By the way, bdbaggins is a top contributor on this board and he is a Bama fan as well. (One of the good ones :D ).

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