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Sep 30, 2004
1980s...I saw one 1986 in my quick glance. I see Majors, Fulmer, Summitt, Pearl, and all since on covers. Ditto Manning, Robinson, Martin... Rough count...50-60 items/magazines. Yes, I want to sell them all to a fan, especially if they have young children/teens who would enjoy diving into Vol history. The cost to ship them would be high so probably have to schedule a meet up. I will be driving from through Knoxville area Sept 7th and 10th. Make me and offer and I will box them up and meet you somewhere. I am starting a yard sale tomorrow and it will be drip, drip, drip with the most valuable or interesting going first. Try to get back with me ASAP.
I have just the teen Vol Fan sons you are looking for. Text me at 865-271-7303. I live just off 40/75 and could meet at Watt or Campbell Sta exits. I would like it all, including the interesting/popular ones. I have a few from the glory years but would love to pass them on to my boys!

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