Vandy and aTm equals

Butch's 5 stars were not bad. They weren't coached up. It's much more important for players to be coached up than it is for them to have 5 stars.
Butch couldn't develop anybody. JJ Watt might have never even reached the NFL if he hadn't gotten away from Butch.
"Do or do not. There is no try."

-- Yoda

Baylor must win.
We're definitely going to have to switch QBs which Aranda seems reluctant to do. Never should have run Gerry Bohannan outta town after winning 12 games last year. Shapen isn't opening the offense up as projected and he definitely isn't built for running the ball. I'm hoping that Kyrone Drones gets the nod on Saturday.... can't waste that Elite 11 talent on the bench just to watch him transfer at the end of the season.

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