UVA scores 14 in first half

Recruiting hasn’t gone well. Plus UVA isn’t really in the NIL game. Tony Bennett is really, really good coach, but it’s hard to out-scheme teams when there’s a large talent disparity.
There are many coaches you could say this about I suppose, but can you imagine the difference in how he is perceived if he didn't go all the way in 2019?

He'd still be thought of as a pretty good coach, but man, the first thing that would come to mind is getting blown out by UMBC, followed by his ugly style of play and getting routinely bounced early in NCAATs. It also helped him that it happened to another #1 seed a few years later.
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How in the hell did UVA not build more off of that title in 2019?

I don't like using the term lucky but that's exactly what they were. They were really good in the regular season but a constant flameout in the post season.

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