UT Basketball lands Aidoo

Jan 21, 2012
CAUTION: They're freshmen.
This is true. Thats why Fulky needs to be old Fulky and step up, Bailey needs to hit shots, JJJ needs to have a breakout year we have been waiting for, and the Auburn transfer needs to hit shots as well. If the older vets on the team can lead and play to their potential, it will put less pressure on the freshman and let them play loose.


Pickled a ghost runner
Mar 17, 2010
"First of all, Jonas is a high, high character young man. Through the process to get to where he is now, he is definitely what people would call a late bloomer. He took off a bit slow, had to figure it out. Hit a late growth spurt. Had to transfer his guard skills into being a seven-footer, so people didn't really follow him early on. So, because of that I think he has a humbleness and likability to him that has allowed him to not be scarred by some of the things that come with being highly touted at a young age.

"First off, he's a high character young man that comes from a great family and support system. He's also a hard worker that loves the game of basketball and loves to work at it. He wants nothing more than to be in the gym improving on and working on his game. Then, he has a great personality especially for a big. He's got a little kid in him where he just wants to have fun.

"I don't know if you all have seen his Tik Tok numbers, but they are ridiculous. I have been trying to get him to teach me to be more popular on Tik Tok. I don't know if there's any hope for me on that. But, he just has a great sense of humor and a great way about himself that I think the fans and his teammates are going to love from a basketball standpoint. He's a really skilled player. He's a seven-foot skilled player. He can play with his back to the basket. He can play facing the basket, he can handle it a bit and can do a bit of everything. I think the biggest area of his game we're going to need to improve is on the physical nature of his game and his ability to handle the physicality of the college game and I think all freshman have that learning curve."

-Justin Gainey
Sounds like Anthony Davis when he got to UK.

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