Update on Henry T


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Nov 30, 2018
Henry T didn't fire Pruitt so late that it was after the Spring semester add/drop date.

Henry's tuition was paid for before Pruitt was even fired. But yeah. I'm sure the hate is all about Henry taking money from the University. I'll believe that after the fan money retreival task force gets back the 900k Kevin Steele stole from the university.

As far as the rival team thing, again, that's just more of the same. Fan base rivalries have nothing to do with HT's business. His final two schools were Bama and Tennessee. Didn't see anybody try to veto him then for not hating Bama enough. Didn't see anybody trying to keep Cade Mays away to protect the honor of fan rivalries. Weird.
Georgia, Florida, or Bama don’t care if a player of theirs transfers to UT because most UT fans have to dig deep into our memories to recall the last time we beat them, Georgia being the most recent. UT isn’t a rival to them just as Vandy wasn’t a rivalry to UT until they kicked our butts for several consecutive years recently.
As I said, if Toto wants to leave then leave. I really don’t care what Toto does to be honest. He’s a decent LB but as I’ve said on this site recently; Toto is not in UT’s top 30 best LB’s of all time so I’m not going to pretend he’s all that great.
Your example of Cade Mays isn’t a good one because he didn’t hang out in the portal for all eternity while taking online classes in his home state. Cade weighed his options and made a decision and went with it. He didn’t lollygag around like a drama queen.
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