Uncle Lou

Yeah I can’t believe people willingly give money to that scumbag.

More like "Uncle Poo", am I right?

I posted this somewhere:

I scroll down my Facebook and all I see on SEC Nation or DawgNation (I am not sure why it pops up) is the low class Georgia fans going on and on about Tennessee. Go to Uncle Lou's feed as well. Guy has a hard on for Tennessee for some reason.

I have never seen such an undeserving fan base get success and this is why I hate sports. The worse ****ing assholes and pieces of **** get to talk smack and win. It is a toxic sport because of that.

Tennessee has one good year and they meltdown and throw hateful comments after hateful comments. I have never seen a worse SEC fanbase in my entire life. SCREW THEM ALL and their useless DUMPSTER FIRE STATE..

**** GEORGIA, I hope they lose to LSU and first round of playoff. They are literally the worse fans in any major sport that I have seen. Even the Alabama bandwagon fanbase is better.

That is my rant for the weekend.
I wish Alabama would smack them around again! Of course I don't like them either, but if Tennessee ain't doing it I hope it's Alabama doing it. Can't stand Georgia!
he was born in Augusta
Why does he have such a non Georgia accent? So weird… but then again my boyfriend who lived in Douglasville, His best friend was born there, but his parents were from Chicago lol… might be a situation like that… you were born there, but you aren’t really from there as far as roots go

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