UGA is using chemicals to cheat

They aren't spraying. Those are called contrails. It's just condensation caused by the engines of the plane and the air temp. They are just literally clouds.
Contrails can also form from the wing surfaces. Typically the wingtips or wing roots. If you’ve ever watched a fighter jet maneuver, you will often see this.
Clouds form when the invisible water vapor in the air condenses into visible water droplets or ice crystals. That's a natural process. Clouds can be artificially made by introducing pellets of Dry Ice into air containing more water vapor than would be present at the saturation point with respect to ice. Also it could be cloud seeding to produce rain.
Cloud seeding can also intensify a storm, such as a hurricane. I do not buy into this particular conspiracy theory, but a widespread theory that the 2005 season was intensified by using something other than silver iodide crystals, which is considered normal cloud seeding. Who did the seeding? Some blame China, some US. I don’t know but I will admit it holds weight for those who do believe.

US has been cloud seeding since 1946 but results have never been able to achieved, see Project StormFury where we attempted to lessen hurricane’s strengths. Huge risks come with cloud seeding as it can mess up Mother Nature. Sure, more rain here, but that means less elsewhere. Different story for different day.
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