UEFA Euro 2020 (June 11 2021-July 11 2021)

random predictions
going 2-1 Italy in regulation
Italy score one by a controversial goal
either kane/sterling get the goal and the other has the assist
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I'm behind on the DVR but that 1st goal was just stunning. Classic England, play it to the sides, then over the top. You'll never see a better first touch than that in a final, my God.
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This is why I’m not a fan of sitting back with a lead. Not only did Italy equalize, but now they have the momentum. Should have kept attacking. England played well in the 1st half and now they have to try and find that attacking form again.
Hats off to Italy. I absolutely hate that Pickford couldn't bring a trophy 🏆🏆 home. He played well.
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Enjoyed the tournament, don’t think anybody predicted Italy to win it when it all started last month.
Devastating loss for England at home.
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Didn’t love the idea of Rashford and Sancho coming on just for kicks that late. They got no time to get into the flow of the game and ended up going to the line in penalties ice cold. Hard to be put into that position.

The Rashford miss was awfully bad. Completely fooled the keeper and missed a wide open side of the net. Rough.

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