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True but i just don`t see it, But then again i could be wrong.

Doesn't seem likely, but then again, why not? It isn't like the men's contracts with astronomical guaranteed fortunes plus huge signing bonuses. If NIL money is comparable, I would think that the fun and prestige of college life far exceeds pro careers for most women. I don't know what WNBA attendance or fan devotion is like, but hard to imagine that it compares favorably to the most devoted fan bases. And if an insurance policy can be obtained that would at least partially compensate for some projected lost earnings in the case of a career-ending or -hampering injury, the financial risk would be greatly reduced.

I blitzed through undergrad in under three years for one reason only: $$$ (both to save by taking maximum loads and to start earning sooner). Due to that approach, I only got to be on campus for a little over a year (five quarters), but I absolutely loved everything about college. The new friends, the classes, the environment, the freedom, the girls, intramural leagues...everything. If I could have been paid to stay, I'd have been there until they threw me out (whereas I couldn't wait to get out of h.s. snob culture).

Why wouldn't a BWOC, superstar, nationally-featured on tv star want to stay? Close friendships with teammates, adoring fans, trips to Bahamas, rivalry games...it just seems that the college experience is superior to the women's pro experience in every way once money can be taken out of the equation. And the pro career still awaits, just delayed by a year.

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