Class of 2025. It’s 2023. They don’t rate those as 5* EVER. NEVER, EVER PERIOD. In fact, getting a 4* ranking at that age as a DB is very rare.

Your words. Prepare yourself. Because I guess we are just living in extremely rare times because currently there are 5 5* DBs for the 2025 class. Oh and there are also almost 30 4* DBs for the 2025 class. So get your facts straight if you are gonna come at someone.

Oh and I see you put in the juvenile, why don’t you find another team. You are pathetic. Sorry that some of us want the absolute best players to come to Tennessee. You know what? Scratch that, I am not sorry. I want TN to recruit on the Bama/UGA/OSU level. I want TN to be signing these big time 5* that teams like Bama and UGA use to beat us every year. If you don’t want TN to sign the best players and to be the best then maybe you aren’t a good fan.

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