'20 TX QB Haynes King (TAMU Commit)


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Jul 7, 2010
Geez I click on this thread to see if there are any updates on Mr.King, but of course not. Scrolled through 3 pages of another JG debate. Seriously guys, give it up. Some are all for him and others are not. You're not going to change eachothers minds. Give it a rest. If you simply can't resist, by all means take it to one of the many threads on the topic. I've got a headache 😵
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Nov 14, 2012
So that was the only mistake that cost UT the game? I guess I shouldn't be surprised at the inclination to fix blame on one person or group...

Did JG missing a wide open #84 twice in the 2nd qtr contribute? Did the two sacks and pressure contribute? Did an OL whiffing a chip block on a screen in the 2nd qtr contribute? Did JG completely missing a blitz read in the second qtr with no one to pick it up contribute:? Did JG's indecision that ultimately caused one of the sacks contribute? Did JG's late, short throw at the 14:15 mark of the 4th qtr (probably called a drop) contribute? How about that last sack/fumble when JG had between 4 and 5 seconds to throw plus a lane to run through?

One drop... nor one mistake by any other player cost UT the game. The passing game woes isn't only because the "OL sucks" as so many here want to claim.... or because of dropped passes... or because JG sucks as others claim. ALL HAVE PROBLEMS that contribute. The most significant ones are the OL and JG's decisionmaking IMO. I criticize JG more in large measure because so many seem to want to absolve him and blame everything on someone else.

A drop that's a drop is the receiver's fault.... every time. I grew up being told that if I could touch it I should catch it.
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Jan 25, 2015
Got word that Haynes King and his family returned from a trip to a Louisiana lake house yesterday. Today was a relatively quiet day regarding Haynes making any kind of decision, but per my source, when asked if his process would drag out until the start of Longview High School's practice mid-August, it doesn't look like it will.

All four schools (A&M, Tennessee, Auburn and Duke) are still potential landing spots for King. But for now, nothing has changed regarding where he was with everything a couple of days ago.
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