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Quinine glows under blacklight. John Taffer, on Bar Rescue, redid a strip club and insisted that many of the drinks have Tonic so that they glow and add to the ambiance as the reopened bar was called Power Strip (great name lol) and was all neon lights and stuff.
Must get sample…to go with my velvet posters… 😏
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We homeschool our kids and the curriculum we use for reading/writing always has interesting things about word origins and reasons english uses the same letter combinations for different sounds.

So this week we looked at the word ‘Love’ and why the O makes the /uh/ sound.

This dates back to a time before the letter U was a thing. V was used interchangeably for the /v/ and /uh/ sounds. Then the U started to come into use and some rules were established about where in words they should appear. One such rule was created because in manuscript the V and U still looked so similar that it was hard to read when they were close together. So the scribes decided that in the case of /uh/ before /v/ would be represented by O instead of U. To make it more clear a silent E was added after the V.

So there ya go.
Etymology is fun!
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There is no way an attorney with half a brain would select me. Everyone in my family but me are in law enforcement.
Was in a jury pool once where a well dressed gentleman was ask if he liked lawyers, he said, nope I hate them, they're a necessary evil, but I hate them......he was selected.... my wife went for duty, was ask if there was any reason she couldn't serve, after everybody had failed after attempting to get out because of their important jobs, she raised her hand and ask what time court would be over each day, Judge ask why, she said because the kids get out of school at 2:30, judge dismissed her....everybody found out what job the judge thought was important.
One attorney or another has excused me every time. Perhaps, it is because I’d be an impartial juror and a reluctant but adept foreman. An attorney once remarked to me that he did not trust honest and honorable men as jurors. Honest and honorable women were a different matter.
Today I learned that zip codes were divided up in regions.


‘How many have you lived in just by using the first number.

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