‘23 TN OG Brycen Sanders



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Nov 30, 2010
What does the 247 article say on him
“It was definitely cool — just Coach Heupel, Tennessee, this big program just coming to watch me,” said Sanders, who’s ranked the No. 283 overall prospect and No. 17 interior offensive lineman in the 2023 class and the No. 7 junior from Tennessee, according to the industry-generated 247Sports Composite.

“And it’s also nice for my other teammates trying to get recruited for a coach to be there, too. That just makes me happy that, because of me, my teammates are going to be able to get recruited, too.”
“I just want to see the environment, the fans,” said Sanders, who holds offers from more than a dozen schools, including Auburn, Georgia, Kentucky, Ole Miss, Arkansas, Vanderbilt, Stanford and Virginia Tech. “That’s one of the main reasons I wanted to go Saturday, because they’re playing a good team, Pitt — Power Five team — so I just wanted to see the atmosphere, the stadium (and) just how the team does.”
“I got to watch the first half,” Sanders said. “I think they actually started off really well and, in the second quarter, kind of slowed down a little bit. But I think their run game was super good. I mean, what did they have? Like 250 rushing yards or something like that? They had a lot. They had a lot of rushing yards, so that just kind of stood out to me.”
“When I was watching their game Thursday, their offensive scheme is almost the exact same as ours. They run a lot of one-tight end, one-back. That’s mainly what we run. We try to go no-huddle every single play.”

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