'20 TN LB Bryson Eason (UT SIGNEE)


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Jan 23, 2005
Good lord - that is so ridiculously terrible that it looks fake, like a poorly acted Hollywood comedy about football bloopers
if roles were reversed. there'd be 50 flags thrown on TN ranging from illegal blocks to out of bounds, targeting, personal fouls, coach on the field, fumble out of bounds, helmet off, time expired, and excessive celebration...10 of them.


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Nov 30, 2010
“I've got a leader in mind,” Eason said. “I don't want to commit (yet). I really don't want to. I want to do something special just on signing day. But I will let that school that I will be going to them. I’m just not going to make it public to where people know. My signing day’s going to be kind of big for me.

“I want to wait.”
“It depends on how many of my fellow teammates sign in December,” Eason said. "If it’s just me, Frenchie and McDonald, then I don’t think I want to do that (in December).

“If it’s us three, I think all three of us are going to wait and sign in February with everybody, with our teammates.”
The Vols have told Eason that they envision him competing for early playing time in the middle of their defense.

“They want me at Mike. They’re telling me they want me at middle linebacker — coming in, controlling the defense, bringing some energy to the team,” he said. “That’s all what I’m about — being a leader and just playing football, doing what I do best.

“They said I could play if I come in and work hard. They told me off the jump, even though I’m needed, nothing was going to be given to me, so I’ve got to go in there and work for it. But I love that.”

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