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Nov 30, 2007
I understand it is for breast Cancer awareness, but to promote this by passing out Pink T'shirts for the crowd to wear, when the Opponent is wearing an all Pink Uniform. Are you kidding me? If it is being promoted on our court and we are encouraging people to wear pink to the game, We should be the one wearing Pink Uni's not the Opponent!

Agree or Disagree?

Good Cause but something wrong when our fans are wearing the colors of the Opponent!
Look at it as stealing their thunder.

I don't know if there are NCAA issues about wearing your whites at home, or simply that Rutgers made the gesture to wear it 1st & we were too classy to object.

Regardless, by passing out the t-shirts- if you want to take the cynical gamesmanship view about why we did- we keep them from being the 'moral superiors' and reduce their unis to an overall group demonstration and not a Rutgers one.

Especially if Pearl paints his belly.

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