The Official Tennessee vs. Vanderbilt Game Thread, 3:45 PM ET, SEC Network

Orange defense

Blood runneth orange in my veins
Apr 1, 2017
I'm extremely happy with 7-5 and happy I was interested enough in the team to pay attention to the final game of the regular season. I've always watched every game, but this is the first season in a while that I've truly still enjoyed watching the final game of the regular season. Most recent seasons before tonight I was anxious to see it end so we could focus on watching basketball. (And I'm a football first fan.)
Ive always watched every game of the season, but I’m like you, the excitement to watch the last game was different in a while. A lot of seasons here recently, you would turn to basketball, because of losing records of the football team wouldn’t watch the last game to be anywhere near excited. I think this season has caught the attention of every fan.

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