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Looks like Dobbs is starting out 4th on the depth chart; which really doesn't mean much since everyone figured him and Haskins will be battling for the #3 spot anyway.
Steelers, officials investigate Ashes-Spreading incident at Heinz Field

The incident reportedly occurred in the south end zone

The Pittsburgh Steelers and local authorities are investigating how ashes were able to be spread across Heinz Field on Sunday during the team’s win over the Denver Broncos.

The team and police said that someone spread their relative’s ashes at the stadium following the Steelers game, KDKA-TV reported. Fans are reportedly not permitted to spread ashes at all at Heinz Field and it’s illegal to do so in Pennsylvania without permission.


A Steelers spokesman told WTAE-TV the organization wants to make clear to fans that spreading ashes was prohibited at Heinz Field. Grounds crew members reportedly found ashes in the south end zone.

Steelers, officials investigate ashes-spreading incident at Heinz Field
Some people should start playing golf on Sundays. I can't imagine living with someone like that

I used to act like that watching UT football....when I was like a teenager. Then eventually I realized acting like that was ridiculous.
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couple weeks back, when browns and steelers played, i went to a sports bar. There was one single, solitary steelers fan.... ten sheets to the wind. blood shot. scowl face. He was the loudest guy in the bar. The INSTANT the clock stuck zero that guy stood the **** up and POUNDED out of the bar. With drunken authority. lol. He was very high on steelers that weekend. ha. NOBODY wanted a piece of that dude.

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