The Official Las Vegas Raiders Thread

The full story of the accident and how the girl and her dog died is excruciating. His celebrity status will not help him in this case.

I disagree, his lawyer is using every Avenue available to blame anyone but Ruggs. On the front page of ESPN: Witness: Firefight slow to get to scene.

If he calls the service available to all players the 1st responders aren’t needed.

He’ll likely get 2 years in a hotel cell and be out in 8 months. Far far far from what he should get because of his status in society.
Raider fans..........

Do I start Joe Burrow or Derek Carr this week?

My starter has a bye week.................
Dude is doing 156 mph and he wants to blame someone else? Be a man and just say yeah I had too much to drink and was driving like a farking maniac. Send all your dang money to the victim's family and go hang out in jail for the rest of your life.
Need just 12 yards from Jakobi Meyers for my fantasy. First half not targeted and in fact not a single pass completed to a Vegas WR. PATHETIC.
Granted, the LV offensive line has been getting beat badly. But Garropolo has been just positively awful. Can't get the ball out at all.

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