The Official #6 [2] Tennessee vs. #3 [1] Purdue Game Thread, 2:20 PM ET, ESPN

Then Awaka picked up his 3rd less than 2 minutes later and his 4th 2 minutes after that. Amazing that TN stayed in the game with Awaka sitting down with 4 fouls and 15 minutes left.

I was thoroughly impressed with Estrella's play. If he improves at the level Aidoo has then he is going to be a stud.
If the finals is bama purdoo it will be the ncaa final in my lifetime I will be skipping.

I want anyone Purdue plays to win, including Bama. NC State is the only remaining team I don't despise but I am sick of getting F'd by officiating against Purdue in sports and I despise Edey.

He is going to be an NBA journeyman bench player at best. He won't get superstar treatment like Shaq did because he has no charisma and the modern NBA doesn't fit his style of play. F Edey, F Purdue, F college officiating, F the NCAA and F the national media that creates the narratives. I hope Purdue gets their hearts ripped out, preferably by NC State.

Screw anyone that disparages Barnes, especially his post season success. He would have at least one championship if he coached at a blue blood or neo blue blood like UCONN. Instead he's coached schools like UT, TX, Clemson to some of the most successful runs they have ever had while being a class act. He is a HOF'er for a reason and other coaches know it and respect it.... except 1 cent.
SIAP but the Tennnessee/Purdue game had 10.4 million viewers

Duke/NC ST. had 15.1 million.

Purdue has a relatively small fan base compared to most of the remaining team. They also play an unentertaining style and the game was on in mid afternoon of Easter Sunday so those ratings don't surprise me.
And it was a terrible start time. 2:20 Eastern on Easter Sunday. I'd say the majority of America was still spending time with family at Church, having lunch, Easter egg hunting, etc. And as you move to the Central, Mountain and Pacific time zones the timing just got worse.

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