The Official 2023 NFL Season Thread

Like those days when Russell Westbrook would put up 46/14/11 but went 13-32 from the floor
Josh Allen led his team to 2 TDs against one of the worst defenses in the league. Numerous red zone failures. This is no time to be singing his praises
It’s highly unsurprising the bad Jets defeated the terrible Patriots in what was the worst season in the Belichick era.

The Bruins and Celtics are likely to make the Playoffs so the Patriots being a terrible team is less depressing for that reason.
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2024 NFL Wild Card Picks

Browns Texans
Dolphins Chiefs
Steelers Bills

Packers Cowboys
Rams Lions
Eagles Buccaneers

My picks are
Browns Flacco makes less mistakes than the rookie Stroud.
Chiefs Slight home field advantage is enough to win a high scoring game
Bills They have a reliable offense that can score more than 17 points , and the Steelers without Watt is a flaw that is unlikely for them to overcome in cold Buffalo

I don't see Love carrying the Packers to an upset victory vs a better team on paper in the Cowboys stadium.
The Lions execute more great plays to defeat a just ok Rams team.
Lions fans get to see the prosperity of the Lions winning a home playoff game at Ford Field.
They have 5 of their last 6 games so I'm confident the Buccaneers execute more great plays than an Eagles team that has lost 5 of 6 games.
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I see I was proven very wrong because the Texans demolished the Browns in a game that become an entertaining embarrassment in the second half.

Flacco did make more mistakes, and not surprised the Texans scored 45 points vs a Browns team that is awful for the road games.
This is confusing. Why hire him as a coach, when he’s “better than most of the starting QBs in the NFL”? And this is his COACH and biggest supporter. 🤨

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