The Official #10 Tennessee @ Vanderbilt Game Thread, 7:30 PM ET, SEC Network

Lol grandpa I am a millennial with a mortgage, kids, subordinates at the office, hobbies, etc. I think you are picking on the wrong generation. Even at the youngest end of the spectrum which you referenced, 26, those are grown a$$ people. I think your beef is with gen Z.
Don’t have a beef with anyone, but millennial or older GenZ…..put them in a bag pull one out…..just about the same. Both of them and you….ass was powered by your moma and never spanked by your dad. And I don’t have a mortgage and I do have kids that respect their elders.
Thanks. Not that we would be good with all those defensive guys back, but man, the secondary is gonna get torched tonight.

Part of me says "How much worse could the backups be?"

Part of me says "Do you really want to know?"

(sigh) Never saw the season ending like this.

Go Vols. Just win. I'll take it any way you can get it.
Every possession counts. I expect Milton to shine and our defense to be more aggressive.

Vols win by double digit.
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Bru's status?
He's the one guy I wish could play healthy as a possession receiver in this weather

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