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Grabbed this today. Got London when I was like 17 (in 1997) and loved it. Trying to read at least 2 to 3 books a month this year. Balancing a mix of business type books and fiction. Just about to finish the book Gardens of the Moon (Malazan series) and its been great.
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My wife thinks I am crazy lol

Got this CarPlay unit for my GX470 which is nearly impossible to retrofit for a stereo because the climate controls work through the nav screen (which is 2009 tech). This is a stand alone unit that does wireless CarPlay from my iPhone. was on sale for 135. works great so far - no dropouts and I connect the audio to my aux input on the car (car doesn't have bluetooth streaming).

I've seen mixed reviews but I'm totally pleased for what I paid for it to easily us CarPlay. If you have an older car its worth looking into.
Anything fancy?
I went Coach again (from the Outlet because I’m cheap 🤣)

Double Billfold.


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