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Barkley just said “Tennessee was awesome.”

This was what was the most impressive
performance in 2nd round games today which has no right answer since it’s subjective so not shocked a other analyst gave the deserved praise of Princeton that bulldozed Missouri.

Time to see if the Crimson Tide can avoid being another 1st seed that gets eliminated tonight.
Crimson Tide stiffening up down the stretch. Up 40-30
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Wow Nantz seems very surprised that a great Crimson Tide team hasn’t succeeded pulling away from a tenacious Terrapins team.

The March Magic lamp Charles Barkley uses in a Capital 1 completely resembles the same style lamp in the animated Disney movie Aladdin.
I see Coach Oates shoes more excitement when the Crimson Tide prosper than Coach Belichick that decides to not react when the Patriots prosper.
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On March 19 in Baseball History...
  • 1957 - In what is believed to be the largest offer for a player to date, the Indians reject Boston's bid of $1 million for Herb Score. Cleveland General Manager Hank Greenberg says that the team is interested in building for the future, not in selling its best ballplayers. Six weeks later Score is struck in the eye by Gil McDougald's liner.

  • 1960 - Red Sox catcher Sammy White announces he will retire rather than report to Cleveland, where he had been traded.

  • 1984 - Denny McLain, the last major league pitcher to achieve a 30-win season, is indicted on various charges of racketeering, loan-sharking, extortion, and cocaine possession.

  • 1989 - With Dave Winfield sidelined, the Yankees trade catcher Joel Skinner and a minor leaguer to the Indians for outfielder Mel Hall. Winfield will miss all of the 1989 season after undergoing back surgery.

Baseball Birthdays on March 19...

Baseball Deaths on March 19...

Similarly I was thinking to myself how long has it been since Marlins Park had that big of a crowd.

I assume the joke is Marlins fans would rather watch the game in Miami Hooters and Miami Sports bars that go to Marlins Park.

I see my Blackhawks lost to the Coyotes 4-2.
My Avalanche outplayed a good Red Wings team in an undramatic embarrassment , and my Stars defeated the Flames 6-5 so I’m a lot less depressed about the Coyotes defeating the Blackhawks.

2023 MLS Season
Also Chicago vs Cincinnati ended in a 3-3 stalemate.
While the Fire didn’t get the victory which I wanted, they have in 3 games avoided 2 losses with 2 ties so I’m not very unhappy about the 2 ties.
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An incredible team win by a Volunteers team that has enough great players to win without ZZ.
They believed they could be the better team in a coin flip game, and they outperformed a Duke team for the areas that is rebounds, less turnovers, more threes made, and made more critical shots in the 2nd half.

I didn’t see them winning by double digits in a coin flip game, and I’m very happy that Tennessee is back in the Sweet 16 for the 1st time since 2019.

The Princeton Tigers is a Cinderella team that has gotten to the Sweet 16.
Moving fast toward MLB Opening Day which is in March not April.

I’ll be changing my avatar to a Cubs Dansby Swanson avatar on March 28.
As a VolNation member since 2011 I’ve never used a Cubs avatar in the past.

If the FDU Knights are not a Cinderella team with 1 impressive great win then they’ll need to outplay a great Florida Atlantic Owls team that has a 95 percent chance to win.

The Paladins yesterday were shown as a 1 trick magician when they were outplayed greatly by the solid talented SD Aztecs.

1967 was the last time the Princeton Tigers were in the Sweet 16.
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I’m hoping that Tennessee sweeps Missouri in College Baseball today.

I expect Washington to defeat Rhode Island mostly because Washington can outplay them.
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