The Dana Plato Interview w/ Howard Stern



"Slava Ukraina"
Aug 14, 2007
WOW.... my first time even knowing about this interview about a day or two before she died. It looks staged or like a re-creation with actors, yet it is still cringy and awkward. This is probably the worst thing you could do to someone in that fragile mental state. And it is amazing that Stern doesn't get much (if any) flak about this possibly being a major contributing factor to her death/suicide.

Is this really the interview or is this a re-enactment?

Oh,he got a lot of flak for it at the time... He took advantage of the situation for ratings and exasperated things for someone that was already in a bad state that lead to what happened the next day.
The Howard Stern Show is the last place a mentally ill person should be. A couple of those callers were brutal and rude...but they were also mostly right
They were Stern plants and told what to say. He set her up big time

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