The Bjorklund Sisters



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Oct 8, 2006
It will be interesting see these two face off against each other on Sunday when Gonzaga visits The Summit. Both of them have earned starting rolls on their teams and will possibly be guarding one another. Will they have their heads in the game? Pat wonders, herself, about Angie. "Angie is excited to see her sister," Summitt said. "Angie hasn't even thought of what happens if she has to guard her. We have to get her attention on that before the game." - reported in a recent AP article.

The sisters are looking forward to seeing each other and going out to eat together. Again, I wonder if they will have their heads in the game - especially Angie.
I liked the shirts their parents were wearing.
Half a Tennessee shirt and half a Gonzaga shirt sewn together.Tennezaga I believe it was. Good thing because Gonessee would have sounded like some awful disease.
Whatever doubts I had about Angie quickly vanished shortly after the game started. She had an awesome game. Her sister did pretty well, too.

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