The 2023-2024 Carolina/Duke basketball thread.the"will Duke get a higher seed than 5?" Edition.

Iseewhatyoudidthere.gif With his inconsistency I don't see how he got that deal.Glad he's turned it around outside of the 3 point air ball.Ryan is on fire from downtown.
This game is pretty crazy. They’re just daring Cadeau and Trimble to shoot. Ryan is playing really well.
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Please don't blow this Tarheels! I really don't want to see an Alabama/Clemson Elite 8. UConn would cruise to the title game if that happens.
Best game of the tournament in my mind. Houston/A&M was fun too but this game has been bonkers. Haymaker after haymaker.
Wait, Clemson and Alabama are playing for a chance to get into the Final Four? Like him or hate him, Oats can coach. They also played good defense down the stretch and RJ couldn't get anything going.

As a UNC fan,I'm not upset. I hate that Bacot and RJ didn't win it all,but it was a heck of a year. Plus,it's refreshing to see non-bluebloods in a position to hang a banner in March.
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So we have YOU to blame.
I think there was a questionable 3 taken followed by a bad foul that really changed destroyed the momentum. I’m seeing a lot of people badmouthing Hubert on my social media feed, but It wasnt his fault RJ shot poorly. 24 just can’t take that shot, that has to go through RJ and Bacot . My only question was having Cadeau on the bench the final 5 minutes. He had played well, with exception of 1 badly missed 3.
Withers’s three attempt was a back breaker. Didn’t notice in the moment, but read afterwords about how Wojik was more involved in the second half at the expense of Cadeau and Trimble. Wojik didn’t play bad, but when you run Cadeau and/or Trimble along with Davis, that’s three point guards that can all run the offense and move the ball. Worked well in the first half.
Hate that Shead got hurt. Definitely helped Duke’s chances. Still think Duke would’ve been right there given that they had weathered the early storm. But that’s a gut punch for Houston.

Proud of this Duke squad. I said in the first half of the Vermont game that I was ready for the season to be done, and I meant it. But they’ve flipped a switch since then. Hope they can keep it rolling against NC State… that’s weird to say.

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