Terrance Laird



Its not what you think...
Oct 10, 2006
Anyone keeping up with this sprinter phenom from LSU? He's been crushing it in the 200m and 100m. Today he broke Justin Gatlin's outdoor SEC Championship meet record with 19.82 in the 200m. Also ran a 9.80 today in the 100 but it was not legal (3.5 mph wind aid). Looks like he could do some damage in the Olympics especially since Coleman is suspended. He hits top speed around the 70M mark and cruises past guys making it look easy. Don't think Ive seen an American sprinter like him in my lifetime. I think he'll be neck and neck with Lyles in the 200, which he should qualify for. Lots to look forward to with this guy.

Also shoutout to Matthew Boling. He's only a FR and he's been neck and neck with Laird every meet, beating him a few times. Lots of promise with the next wave of American sprinters. Coleman, Laird, Lyles and Boling could all medal in future Olympics. I think we see Laird and Lyles do it this year in the 200. I'd be surprised if Gatlin medals. He looks like he's lost a step (plus he's like 39).
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