Tennessee vs Tennessee-Martin



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Apr 8, 2007
What are you thoughts on this game on Tuesday? As a die hard Tennessee fan that attends UT Martin, i am conflicted on this. I know several of the players on Martins squad, but my blood is orange... gues this is a win win game for me, huh?
We aren't UK, so I feel ok in saying that UTM has no shot.

Enjoy watching Hudson and feel good that they can learn from playing us and it could help them win their league.

Other than that, I think once we get up to a 45-20 lead you won't be as conflicted.
ugly, yes, but not as quick as some think... I hope. :) Hudson, and Marquis Weddle are both really good.

Lester put on a show last year for Memphis and Vandy. He also played pretty well against Mississippi State.
Go on and cheer for your school. It's what you're supposed to do. You can remain a Vol fan afterwards - no one can take that away. You'll be there for us in March.

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