TCU Decommits Make Good UT Targets?



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Nov 28, 2010
DJ Allen -WR / 5-11 / 189
Cade McConnell - IOL / 6-5 / 296
Seth Martin - IOL / 6-3 / 285

Matthew Golden - WR / 6-1 / 190
Ja'dais Richard - S / 6-1 / 191
Trevon McAlpine - DL / 6-3 / 280

Seems a bunch leaving due to the Gary Patterson departure. Once more, I know nothing, just throwing stuff out to see what might stick.
Yeah unless they get Deion Sanders they're likely to have a mass exodus of talented kids. Many from TX area will just choose another TX school, while others will go wherever
Oct 21, 2013
That post deserves its own thread. It's the truth, and it's as true today about Tennessee fans and Georgia fans as Alabama fans. Heck, I bet even Vandy fans are upset with their team's continued decline--in SAT scores.

I think we're as much addicted as entitled. Consider...

Everything that comes to you through your screen (TV, computer, or phone) is chosen for you, individually, to be what interests or satisfies you in that particular moment. Much is "pushed" to you by algorithms which have studied you in minute detail, to know what interests or attracts you. The rest is chosen by you, from thousands of options, most of which have also been pushed to you based on your habits. And... from that unlimited and incredibly personalized selection, we watch on average only 30-40% of a video before switching to "something we like better."

The point is, we are used to what we see on screen satisfying us, stimulating us, making us happy, confident, and feel a part of a successful tribe. And if it isn't doing that--every 30 seconds--we've cooperated in training our brains to move on to something else.

Now, from a brain's perspective, look at even the most successful college football program over the past decade.

A Bama fan's brain [insert joke here] is used to having good-feeling drugs like dopamine being generated by what it watches on screen Saturdays. But, if Alabama goes a quarter scoring only one touchdown, or getting outscored (regardless of how assured the outcome of the game is) that brain gets angry! It has been cut off from its usual drug supply--and will blame either the players or the coaches for doing it to them! It's exactly what you may have witnessed when a family member asks you for money for cigarettes, booze, or drugs. YOU are the one keeping them from getting what they need. For the addict, it's personal!

If you think the above description is not medically and psychologically accurate, go back and read the post game posts on VolNation. Win or lose, people will be angry because what they saw on screen did not make their brain feel good. And it was the players, coaches, or referees who cut them off from feeling the euphoria they anticipated.

We have become a nation of dopamine addicts, expecting things (and people) we do not control, to make and keep us feeling good about ourselves. That's why we act so ugly and impersonal after games, even if we aren't that way with people in real life.

"C'mon screen--gimme that juice!"
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